The Annual Event for Leaders in the Environmental Industries

This year’s EIC Annual Conference focused on the factors that drive growth in environmentally focused businesses. It’s clear that Brexit will have significant implications for the environmental sector. With so much environmental regulation emanating from Brussels, there are now huge questions as to how much of this will survive the UK withdrawing from the EU, and how future UK Governments can best be persuaded to continue a progressive environmental stance. However let’s also remember that Brexit would of course give us the ability to tailor EU regulations where they have not been working well in a UK context. The conference sessions enabled environmental businesses and individuals to identify strategic priorities for the environmental industry as the post-Brexit scenarios unfold – focusing on:

  • Innovation: Where the next environmental innovations will come from. Are the government support structures and business-university links delivering what they should?
  • Exporting: With the global environmental market worth over $1trillion, which export markets provide most potential opportunity for environmental firms? What support is available?
  • Financing: How the financial sector views green businesses and what role green bonds’ play.

Keynote speeches, discussion panels and forums highlighted the most exciting areas for business development and growth opportunities within the environmental sector.

Major politicians and policy makers shared the political context for the industry, and key disruptors and innovators within the environmental sector took the stage to give their perspective on the most important areas of growth and best business opportunities.

Break-out sessions offered more intimate discussion and knowledge-sharing on specific parts of the environmental market, including:

  • Air pollution control
  • Contaminated land clean up
  • Smart environmental technology
  • The Circular Economy

Featured Speakers

Dustin Benton2
Dustin Benton Head of Energy and Resources Green Alliance
Emma Howard Boyd Chair Environment Agency
Alexis Smith IMGeospatial
Alexis Smith CEO Intelligent Modelling Ltd / IMGeospatial
ed davey 190x190
Sir Ed Davey Former Secretary of State of Climate Change
Laura Sandys CEO Challenging Ideas
Dr Liz Goodwin OBE Former Chief Executive WRAP

Who are the EIC & why did we host this event?

The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC), founded in 1995, represents the businesses which provide the technology and services that deliver environmental performance across the economy. In short, we are the voice of the green economy.

One of the ways we ensure our voice is heard and that we are communicating the concerns, ideas and strategic priorities of our members and the wider environmental community, we host the EIC Annual Conference.

Becoming involved in this is your opportunity to make a significant contribution to this discussion and fully understand what is driving the environmental industry forward.

Why Industry Leaders Supported This Event

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  • The EIC Annual Conference is an opportunity for cross party political leaders, industry clients and environmental experts to come together, learn and network.

    Mark Watts

    Mark Watts, Executive Director, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

  • With the growing value of the environmental sector it is very important to nurture and grow the green economy. This event is an important initiative in making this happen.

    Julia Groves

    Julia Groves, CEO, Trillion Fund

  • "The EIC has a strong position as the voice of the industry and the conference will be an ideal opportunity to engage with experts in environmental services and policy makers."

    Peter Atchison

    Peter Atchison, Managing Director, PAGeotechnical

  • "We attend the conference to ensure our level of intelligence on the environmental industry is current and relevant across a wide set of dimensions; Brexit, market growth drivers, financing structures, regulatory policy and business sentiment."

    Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson, Partner, Catalyst Corporate Finance

  • “The EIC Conference gives attendees the opportunity to network with peers, encounter new suppliers or customers and discuss the biggest topics that affect our industry today and in the future.”

    Dan Williams

    Dan Williams, Deputy Account Manager, Johnson Matthey

  • "Post-Brexit’s impact on the UK environment sector is one of this year’s core topics.  The sector needs a coherent strategy to manage its impact.  The conference is an invaluable forum for all delegates, including us, to share our collective expertise on innovations, challenges and opportunities on this important issue."

    Michael Rudd

    Michael Rudd, Co-head of International Energy Management , Bird + Bird

  • "This year is likely to be particularly valuable as the EIC will have a pivotal role in relation to ensuring that Environmental issues are given their due importance in the post – BREXIT world we are entering."

    Paul Gosling

    Paul Gosling, Independent Consultant, Former Managing Director - Allen + York

  • "I'm delighted to be speaking at the EIC Conference this year. It's a great opportunity for people to network, to discuss issues of interest to the sector and share experiences."

    Liz Goodwin

    Liz Goodwin, Former Chief Executive, WRAP